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  • From Yelling to Connecting Day 1 (Series for Parents)

    We have all heard about the stressed out person who got yelled at by their boss, sat in an hour of traffic, and then comes home and kicks the dog. Most of us are generally aware when we are stressed it spills over onto those closest to us.  It is a little easier to keep our stress in check when everything is going well. However, when our children are struggling and having a hard time, it gets WAY harder. I’m talking about when we ask our child to do something and they ignore us. When our child has a tantrum, seemingly over nothing. When our teen storms off and slams the door. All the moments our children or teens do things that get under our last nerve. This is when we need our mindfulness practice the most.

    Knowing Your Stressors

    Being able to identify our stress level gives us a little pause and space just before we lose it on our kiddos. We can then take a moment to give ourselves what we need rather than reacting and escalating the situation. Check out the guided mediation below where I walk you through identifying your stressors so they are less likely to highjack you.


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