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  • How to Meditate Day 2: Letting go of inner harsh critical self-talk (Mediations for Parents)

    One of my favorite parts about mediation is it allows you to practice shifting your inner relationship with yourself. If you often find your inner self talk harsh, critical, or mean you are not alone.

    Put Down the Whipping Stick

    Many of us pick up the inner “whipping stick” when we feel we have made a mistake or are upset with ourselves over one thing or another. Research has found that this inner harshness does not help us charge our behaviors or be a more desirable person but instead causes us to feel bad about ourselves making it harder to make changes.

    Label “Thinking” When Mind Wonders

    In mediation when our mind inevitably wanders from the breath or other object of focus we practice gently and lovingly returning to the breath. We might notice when our mind wanders our inner harsh critic is right there providing unwanted feedback, “I can’t do this.” “I’ terrible at this.” “I hate this.” Mediation is not for me,” and on and on.” It is very mindful to even notice that inner critical voice and change the tone when you say thinking, it may be in a frustrated harsh tone, THINKING. You can notice that smile to yourself and repeat thinking in a soft gentle tone as if you were redirecting a puppy.

    Give it a shot and see what you think. Enjoy!

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