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  • How to Meditate Day 3: Counting the Breath (Mediations for Parents)

    Mediation can be frustrating. As you have read in previous posts, it is normal for your mind to wander during meditation so it can be helpful to “trick” your brain into focusing on the breath by giving it a little task to do while you focus on the breath.

    Counting the Breath

    In this case that task is counting. Some find it helpful to count the breath up to 10 with each breath. Then begin again at one. If your mind wanders, as it well, mid count return to one. Do not be surprised it you do not make it to 10. Or you make it to 10 only a few times in a 5 minute mediation. It is all normal.

    Observe Yourself

    It can be interesting to observe ourselves in this practice. Do I make it to 10? How often? How do I feel about making it to 10 or not.

    Bring an open and curious mind and see what you see. Enjoy!

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