Blog for Therapists: Getting Caught in Content

Couples can bring a lot of information, stories and examples into each session. This can be overwhelming as a therapist. We have to figure out what is relevant and what is extra information we do not currently need.

I have found the EFT cycle as an invaluable tool when it comes to getting caught in content. The cycle gives me focus and helps me sift through what I hear from clients listening for emotional handles.

I listen for the cue that gets the couple into their cycle, their behaviors or how they react when the cue occurs. I ask about their perceptions of themselves, their partner and the relationship. I ask about their (usually obvious) secondary emotions, i.e. the emotion we see on the outside. Then I get curious about their softer more vulnerable emotions underlying all of the above. I also want to understand what unmet needs and longings are coming up in the interaction.

I unpack one interaction at a time looking for themes that are often present for the couple.

Learn more about how to avoid getting caught in content in the video below.

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