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    Individual Therapy

    It seems true of all humans that experiencing difficult emotions is uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. Most of us want to move away from painful thoughts and feelings associated with that pain.  We find many creative ways to do this, anger, alcohol, spending, screens, work, and so on. Unfortunately, the difficult emotions do not really go anywhere but instead stay with us. I can help you turn toward your difficult emotions and shift behaviors to create lasting change.

    Digging Deep and Rising Strong

    We seek comfort from and try to cope with those difficult emotions and experiences in many different ways, such as, stress eating, being absorbed in social media or television, over indulging in alcohol or other recreational drugs, working more, sleeping more, or adding more to our to do list.

    People also often describe physical symptoms such as head aches, physical pain in their body, and on going feelings of anxiety or tension related to events happening in their lives.

    This can create a destructive loop in which the ways we cope keep us from processing and responding to what is happening in our lives or in the long run cause us more trouble, we may feel worse, and then end up turning to them more and more.

    “Fall seven times, stand up eight” ~Japanese Proverb

    Let's work together

    I support people in leaning into their emotions and experiences. Through leaning in people gain insight and are able to begin to process and organize their emotions, feelings, and experiences.  In this way your emotions are less and less able to highjack you through habitual automatic responses. You begin to become more aware of your emotions and their impact on you. You can then take a step back and decide how you want to respond breaking free from your habitual patterns.


    • Complex Trauma
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Parenting Stress
    • Burn Out
    • Relationships (Parent/Child, Family Relationships)
    • Support During or After Divorce

    Counseling With Michelle

    People seek individual therapy for many different reasons and at various times in their lives.  There is no one right time to seek counseling. You are likely your own best guide to decide if you may currently benefit from counseling.  Choosing someone you are comfortable with, who you can trust, open up with, and who you feel accepted by is essential.

    My style with individuals varies by individual and why they are seeking counseling. My intention is always to understand a client’s personal goals and learn what methods they feel most comfortable using to work towards those goals.

    LGBTQIA + Affirming Therapist