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Why don't couples therapists talk about sex? This is a great question. There are two main reasons. 

Lack of training in sex therapy & sex is a taboo topic.

It is astounding the lack of training in human sexuality, sexual health and sexual relationships that therapists receive. Currently therapists receive little to no training in any of the above in graduate programs. 

Therapists have to seek out training on their own in their own to receive basic human sexuality, sexual health and sexual relationship training.

It would actually be unethical for therapists to provide sex therapy without specialized training. Without training therapists would be using only their own experiences and knowledge, which for most of us is riddled with biases. 

Also of course it is taboo to talk about sex in our culture. Many of us, therapists and otherwise, never had open conversations with a trusted adult about sexuality growing up.  When it comes to the topic of sex therapists can feel as uncomfortable talking about it as their clients. 

I was no different, after years as a couples therapist of trying to talk myself into getting more comfortable with talking about sexuality with my clients to no avail I decided I needed to jump in the deep end. I went through a one and half year long intensive sex therapy training program with required supervision to become a AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. 

In the vlog below, Dr. Laura Spiller and I share how we integrate Sex Therapy into our Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. 

If you would like to learn more about EFT supervision our Sex therapy consultation for therapists click here 

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