5 favorite Stress Reducing Tools for 2018

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  1. Yoga with Adriane – YouTube Channel. You can join me in completing her most recent 30-day Yoga Journey | True. Yoga is a wonderful stress reliever. Take a half hour to tune into your body and take care of yourself. I like Yoga with Adriane because she puts out a very positive message about taking care of ourselves when we often find that difficult. I also like that it is free and I can do it any time anywhere.


  1. Insight Timer App. Insight Timer is a free meditation app I primarily use to fall asleep. There are thousands of guided meditations on all different kinds of topics such as stress relief. One of my favorites is Healing Darkness for Sleep, a Yoga Nidra meditation by Jennifer Piercy. Her voice as well as the meditation is soothing. However, there are lots to choose from so I hope you will find one that is a good fit for you.


  1. Minimalism: A Documentary. The idea behind the documentary is shedding light on our societies continuous pressure to consume and the number of things we collect and continue to long for as a result. All of which is stressful. It was eye opening for myself and may at the very least be interesting for others. They also have several books, a documentary, and a podcast so choose your fancy.


  1. 10% Happier By Dan Harris – a book. Dan Harris a news broadcaster shares his unlikely journey to meditation.  Through a skeptic’s eye, you learn about Dan’s struggle with anxiety and how it among other things led him to meditation. He also has a wealth of information available. In addition to the book you could also check out his podcast or app.


  1. Sneakers and the outdoors. There is nothing that lifts my mood more than getting outside for a walk, a run or a bike ride. Choose your adventure and enjoy some fresh air.


We could all use less stress in our lives but often the stressors are out of our control. Focusing instead on increasing our healthy habits which are always with us, even when we inevitably encounter stress, might serve us well.




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