Couples Staying Close During COVID-19

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Closeness with your partner might be the last thing you want right now. You might be on close overload after the last several weeks of the Stay Home orders.

One of the few things worse then being stuck at home for weeks on end would be being stuck at home and constantly fighting or being in icy silence with your partner. If that sounds familiar, you are not alone. It is normal for couples to fight more or experience more strain and tension during times of high stress.

Below are a few of my favorite quick tools to share with couples. These tools really help make sense of the fighting or tension filled silence you may be experiencing in your relationship.

Taming the Cycle Video (10min) : This video gives a quick overview of what falls at the core of many of our fights and disagreements as couples.

Foreplay is a great podcast which covers sex and intimacy in relationships and much, much, more. Below are two of their podcasts which help explain two of the most common roles we fall into in our relationships. These can be great tools to help put words to what you wish your partner understood about you and what your partner wishes you understood about them.
Listen to How to Understand Your Emotional Withdrawer from Foreplay Radio -- Couples and Sex Therapy on Apple Podcasts.
Listen to Pursuer Pain and Frustration from Foreplay Radio -- Couples and Sex Therapy on Apple Podcasts.
And this post would not be complete without special attention to couples working to stay connected during COVID.
Listen to Connecting During Covid from Foreplay Radio -- Couples and Sex Therapy on Apple Podcasts.

I hope something you heard here helps you understand yourself and your relationship a little more. If so please share.

Wishing you and your families a safe and healthy day!

Michelle Puster M.Ed., LPC

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