4 Week Mindful Mama Challenge

Inspired by the beautiful book Breathe Mama Breathe by Shonda Moralis. Each week I’ll introduce two 2 minute mindfulness practices you can try out that week.

A New School Year is Here

School is about to start and our already busy schedule is about to get that much crazier. We’ll be juggling lunches, schedules, homework, sports as well as everything we already have on our plate. As we head into the fall and say farewell to summer wouldn’t it be nice to slow everything down. Slow life down like they can in the movies. Of course, this is not possible but we can slow down for a few minutes a day in hopes to increase our mindfulness each and every day throughout the day.

Getting Out of Autopilot

Simply put mindfulness is getting out of auto pilot, our thoughts drifting through yesterday or planning our tomorrows, and into the present moment. Due our brains natural nature to solve problems and avoid what is unpleasant we actually need to train our brain to remain in or return to the present moment. We’ll start with just 2 minutes a day. Hopefully a length that’s attainable for even the busiest of mamas.


You deserve each and every second of your 2 minutes. Enjoy!

Mindful Mama Challenge # 1: Mindful Shower

Today when you take your shower tune in to what’s happening in your body. This is called interoception, being aware of our internal body sensations. When you first step into the shower notice how your body reacts. Do your muscles tense up at first if the water or room is not quite as warm as you were expecting?


As the water runs down notice your heart rate. Is it quick or at rest? Pay attention to your breath. Is it shallow and quick or long and slow? Check your shoulders. Are they raised and tense or relaxed and at ease? Notice your jaw now. Is it set and clenched or slightly open? There is no right or wrong here. We are simply slowing down, tuning in and noticing whatever is there.

Ask yourself...

What do you like most about showering? Which part do you find most relaxing? Where in your body do you feel most relaxed? What does relaxed feel like?


I hope you were able to enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted, childfree shower. Either way the idea is to begin to slow down and savor the moment. This is not always easy given our busy schedules and lifestyles and you just did it. For 2 minutes you slowed everything down and turned in. You turned a task on the to do list into a restorative moment for yourself.


Enjoy your shower and enjoy your day!

Michelle Puster M.Ed., LPC

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