COVID-19 Resources Continued

I hope you and your family are staying safe and well. Please find a continued list of resources to help us cope in these uncertain times.


Support for leaning into or sitting with difficult emotions which you may be experiencing.


Recognize - What am I feeling? For example: overwhelmed, anxious, or sad

Allow - Can I be with the feeling of overwhelm for a moment? Can I let the overwhelm be for a moment, versus trying to push it away or otherwise attempt not to feel this difficult emotion?

Investigate - What does overwhelm feel like in my body? Where do I notice a sensation of overwhelm in my body? (Noticing an emotion in our body helps us slow down the release or stress hormones and shift out of a fight/flight/freeze response.)

Nurture - What does this overwhelmed part of me need? For example, a walk, a deep breath, a break, a chat with a friend, etc.

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Compassion Meditation or Loving Kindness Meditations


Self-Compassion Meditations by Kristen Neff 


I hope you find the tools above helpful.


Wishing you and your family a safe and healthy day!

Michelle Puster M.Ed., LPC

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