Mindful Mama Challenge # 8: Self-Care Foot Massage

I got this idea from Yoga with Adrian. Her yoga practices are all about self-care therefore occasionally she adds in a piece such as giving ourselves a short foot rub.  As Moms it is often very difficult for us to take any time for ourselves. When we finally do get to crash on the couch after putting the kids to be it is easy to zone out in front of the TV like a zombie. It does not so much feel like a restorative self-care practice as it is falling into a short coma before bed.


Mindful Self-Care Practice

Adding a little self-care foot massage will generate a mindful self-care practice to this much needed, although probably short-lived, time of rest. This idea may at first sound corny but please consider giving it a try.

As you are resting on the couch, enjoying your favorite show, take one of your feet into your hands. Notice how your feet and even whole body feel after a busy day of running and rushing. Is there aching or built up tension?


Rub the sole of your foot. Start at the center of your foot, then work out towards your toes, then again towards your heels. Rub the top of your foot the same way. Give each foot as much attention as you feel it needs.

Mindfully Giving Back to Yourself

Consider the gift you are giving yourself in this moment. After a day of giving and doing for others you are mindfully giving back to yourself, caring for your tired feet that carry you all day. If you want to get really crazy you could add a couple drops of relaxing lavender oil to your foot rub.

Enjoy your massage. You deserve it!


I hope you have enjoyed this 4 week Mindful Mama challenge and were able to incorporate a few of the practices into your everyday life.


Michelle Puster M.Ed., LPC

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