Sliding Door Moments #2

Sliding Door Moments: Opportunities to Be There for Your Partner

Author and researcher, John Gottman, uses the term sliding door moments to describe opportunities to connect with our partners. These are often micro moments of potential to let your partner know you care, you are there for them, and they can count on you. The term sliding door fits well because these occasions can be so fleeting they are easily missed. Mixed in with other blog posts below are real life sliding door moments that I see in relationships all around me, including my own. Some moments were embraced and perhaps created stronger bonds for the couple while others were missed. I hope highlighting these real life sliding door moments in other’s relationships will help you seek out and take advantage of the opportunity they provided to turn towards your partner and build trust in your own relationship.

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Sliding Door Moments #2

After an unusually messy meal with my two year olds, I was on the floor under the table trying to clean up. Frustrated with the lack of lighting and not knowing whether I was actually making a dent in the mess, I got up to turn on the light. Only to find out the switch I tried turned on the light in the other room. Wanting to get the mess cleaned up quickly I went back to wiping with low lighting. Noticing my frustration, my husband turned on the light in the kitchen to help me out. It would have been easy to miss this sliding door moment. My husband could have been focused on something else or thought because I did not ask for help I did not need it.

If you notice your partner needing help, reach out and give them a helping hand. Receiving help without having to ask means a lot to the recipient.

Learn more about John Gottman’s sliding door moments, in the article What Makes Love Last: Sliding Door Moments.

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