Writing New Year's Goals as a CoupleĀ 

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Start a great tradition this year.  Goal setting is usually something we think of doing as individuals, in our careers, related to our health, or fitness. However, when you are married your future is linked with someone else’s so setting goals together makes them that much more tangible.

Where to begin. Of course, there are many different ways to jump into this but I’ll give you a guide and you can make it your own.


  1. Let your partner know you would like to sit down with them and write goals for the year. The goals will be related to Family, Relationship, Spirituality, Health, Finances, and Career. Feel free to add or remove areas to best fit your family.


  1. Give each goal a rating on a scale of 1-10. 1 being needs major improvement 10 being we are totally happy with this area of our lives.


  1. Share with each other what you rated each and why. Together choose the three areas you both feel need the greatest attention.


  1. Over the next couple weeks each spouse writes a goal for each of your three areas. Then come together and share your ideas. You may decide to keep all 6 goals or you may keep the top choices you both agree on.


  1. Individual goals.If there were areas of concern for you personally that did not make the top three include these in your individual goals.  Write 3-5 individual goals for yourself.  These could be specific ways you will support the joint goals or they may be unrelated.


Below are possible ideas for each area to get your creative energy flowing. These are not meant to be suggestions.  You and your partner are the best people to decide what is appropriate for your family.


Family - eat dinner as a family 3-5 nights a week, family game night once a week

Relationship - date night twice a month, cook a new meal together (create your own Sur La Table cooking class) once a month

Spiritual - attend your family’s place of worship as a family weekly, volunteer with your place of worship

Health - make dinner at home 5 nights a week, eat a vegetable with each meal, biking 3-5 times a week

Financial - create a budget, create a financial plan to go on next big family vacation

Career - take advantage of continuing education your company offers, consider what career step you want to take next


  1. Make a plan to implement. Anything that can go on your calendar do so now (date night, family game night). For larger goals, such as setting a budget, schedule an hour together in the next month to sit together at your computer and go through your expenses and create a budget for each. Whatever your goals, plan how and when you will implement.


  1. Take a picture of your goals with your phone. This way you will not lose them and they will be available wherever you are.Then place your goals somewhere easily accessible.

Happy New Year’s & cheers to a wonderful 2018!

Michelle Puster M.Ed., LPC

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