Guest Post: 3 Things Women Deserve and Need to Protect Their Health During The Pandemic

This has been a devastatingly stressful year, especially if you are a woman. So much of the extra responsibilities at home are being shouldered by moms and women in general, so you may need extra bits of care to manage your mental and overall health. Katy Couples and Wellness Counseling guest post by Jennifer McGregor, provides a few simple, yet effective tips for fending off anxiety and depression and feeling a little better.


You Deserve a Few Extra Comfort Right Now


Being a mom during this pandemic comes with so much extra emotional weight. In fact, studies show that across the globe, women are taking up more responsibility when it comes to work and the home. So, if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, you are not alone in your frustrations. With this being said, also know that treating yourself to a few extra comforts is not selfish at all. It’s these sort of small self-care steps that can help keep you from getting burned out and help you shoulder all of that extra burden.  Of course, basic self-care shouldn’t be ignored during these trying times, so be sure to treat yourself to a few minutes of relaxation and stress relief each day.


Your Mind and Body Need Extra Nourishment


Have you been craving sweets and sugars these last few months? If so, and if you’ve been giving into those cravings on a regular basis, you could be unknowingly making your anxiety worse. Foods and drinks high in refined sugar have a way of throwing off the balance in your brain, and consuming these foods can lead to increased feelings of panic and even depression. Not to mention that when you try to take a break from mood-altering sugar, your anxiety may actually feel worse for a while.


So, if you want to nourish your brain and body, it may be time to begin gently weaning yourself off sugar and processed foods. Instead of cutting out sugar all at once, try less drastic diet swaps. Flavor your water with fruit and herbs to get away from drinking sodas, or choose a low-sugar, low-carb ice cream when you do need a sweeter treat. In addition to preserving your mood, ditching all of those processed foods can also be good for your waistline. While your diet choices should always focus on health first, shedding any extra lockdown pounds could also help to improve your emotional health and decrease anxiety.


Your Mood Can Also Benefit From Physical Activity


Feelings of depression have also been a common concern for moms trying to cope with the pandemic, as well as other current events. Isolation and social-distancing are exasperating this explosion in emotional distress among women, so find safe ways to stay connected to your friends and loved ones. Technology can provide avenues for safe connection and technology can also boost your mood by providing a way for you to get more exercise at home.


In addition to keeping your body healthy, regular physical activity has also been shown to increase chemicals in your brain that are responsible for protecting you from feelings of depression and anxiety. If you prefer not to leave your home for exercise, you can try online workouts to get those happy hormones pumping through your brain and body. As you change your habits, whether it be your diet or your exercise routine, it can also be crucial to exercise a high level of self-compassion and mindfulness. Then you can find joy in the simple moments of your life.


It’s so hard to look and feel like the best version of yourself right now, especially if you are a stressed out mom. So please don’t feel guilty about taking more time to take extra special care of yourself during the pandemic. You deserve it and more importantly, you really do need it.

Jennifer McGregor

Photo Credit: Pexels


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